Is your air conditioning ready for summer?

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November 14, 2017
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Is your air conditioning ready for summer?

s your air conditioning ready for summer?

Summer is on its way, but how do you avoid ‘sticky’ days in the office with overheated rooms and baking colleagues itching to get the day over so they can get outside and cool down?  Poor air conditioning is usually the culprit for this, so getting this right could be an ‘easy fix’.

Prevention better than cure

Well, it’s like most things…. it’s much better to prevent this happening than to try to fix it on the day or when it’s too late. A month or so before the heat kicks in (if we’re lucky!) is the perfect timing to check your air conditioning systems, making sure they are in full working order and not in need of repair.

It’s a busy time for air conditioning companies, but it’s surprising how many businesses leave it until the last minute to get their systems repaired. Ongoing maintenance is an easy solution that is likely to save money in the long run…and energy bills as you go along!


Before calling out a specialist, it’s wise to do some troubleshooting. Be clear about what the problem is: Is the system not working at all? Is it blowing warm air? Or is it not cooling the air properly? Try re-setting the system and check all vents and filters are clear. If the problem is still there, give SmartAir a call and we’ll come and fix it.

This will keep, not only your staff happy, but your customers too!

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