October 5, 2018
Aiken Edinburgh

HVAC Specialist, Aiken, Expands into Edinburgh

Aiken has expanded its services to Edinburgh.  A full range of HVAC services will be on offer within Edinburgh city and surrounding areas, including Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, HVAC Design & Installation and Emergency Call Outs. Aiken was formed in January 2016. The firm has enjoyed steady growth after rolling out […]
September 17, 2018
How to ensure your HVAC systems are compliant with F Gas regulations

How to ensure your HVAC systems are compliant with the latest F gas regulations

The regulations regarding the use of F gases (Fluorinated greenhouse gases) have been made tougher since new legislation in 2017, and there are further regulations in the pipeline for 2020. F gases are commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, especially gases HFC404A, HFC410A and HFC134a. The requirements for […]
August 17, 2018
no refrigerators, no supermarkets

No Refrigerators, No Supermarkets

Did you know? Without refrigerators, there would be no supermarkets in the UK? Refrigerators are the main reason for supermarkets in the UK being part of our every-day life. There are around 10,000 stores nationwide and refrigeration has made this possible.   How? Without refrigerated trucks, supermarkets would struggle get supplies […]