How to avoid going from Balmy to Baking when the sun starts to shine

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May 22, 2017
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How to avoid going from Balmy to Baking when the sun starts to shine

Air conditioning Aberdeen

The numbers on the TV weather charts suddenly go from yellow to orange and Summer appears, as if by magic, on the horizon of the year. Along with that subtle increase in air temperature which signals Summer is actually here at last and brings out T-shirts, shorts, sunglasses and lawnmowers.

Like your lawnmower, your business’s air conditioning system is something you need to be dependable for when it’s needed most. Like when you get an influx of day-trippers, set off on a long trip offshore or have potential clients coming to your premises for that big pitch meeting.



If it goes wrong, there’ll be consequences. They’ll cost you time and money, apart from a dent in the perception of your company’s professionalism. And a few beads of perspiration, of course.

An air conditioning crisis can, of course, always be met with a response from your contracted repairer. But how quickly will they be on-site or on your vessel? And how much will it cost, especially if it’s outside office hours. The bill could be hair-whitening if you’re not already covered by a good repair contract.

As with your lawnmower, prevention of air conditioning problems is better than cure as it avoids all the lost working hours and unhappy customers associated with a breakdown. And the key to prevention is another P-word – planning.

Now is the time to start planning for the summer and get your air conditioning systems ready for their peak usage – when you need them most.


Planning essentials

The planning ideally process begins with ensuring the systems you use have been chosen to best match your exact needs, placed according to best practice laid down by the Scottish Government in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directives and installed by professionals to the highest standards.

Working with an experienced supplier independent of the unit manufacturers and fully qualified in the relevant specialist skills will ensure they can recommend and install the system right for you and your customers.

The next vital step is investing in planned preventative maintenance. This will ensure your air conditioning units run at peak performance – allowing everyone to achieve theirs too. With a few easy and routine procedures you can keep your units at peak performance and get the maximum amount of comfort .


Cut energy costs by up to 25%

The environmental and financial benefit from this is they will also work more economically. Without top-notch professional maintenance, they lose 5% of their overall efficiency every year. But with investment in a scheduled maintenance plan from a professional servicing company systems operating at optimum efficiency can cut your monthly energy costs by up to 25%.

Proper maintenance can also double the life of the average heating and cooling system and greatly reduce or eliminate many of the health risks associated with poor air quality – such as respiratory ailments, sinus problems and particulate-related allergies like house dust.

So, like your lawnmower, now is the time to start planning regular TLC to ensure you get the reliable service you need in the months to come. And avoid the headaches of a failure.


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