Good design & maintenance avoids #Oscarsfail moments and saves you money

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Good design & maintenance avoids #Oscarsfail moments and saves you money

Oscars Fail - Air conditioning

Your business’s air conditioning and refrigeration systems are one of those things you take for granted until they let you down.

Like your car, home central heating, power supply…or handing out the Oscars envelopes in the right order. When they go wrong you’re flung headlong into a crisis needing a quick response and resolution to get you back on track.

Food going to waste, customers getting too hot or cold and staff unable to get any work done if the temperature goes outside the legal limits. Worse still if your vessel is offshore and has to make an unplanned return to port – wasting time, fuel and money and forcing the client’s job to be rescheduled.

Just like your car, your air conditioning and refrigeration can simply be repaired – at the usual pricey emergency rates if your contract doesn’t include 24/7 repair service.

But, as with your car, prevention of air conditioning and refrigeration problems is better than cure as it avoids all the lost working hours, waste costs and unhappy customers associated with a breakdown.


Planning prevents problems

Broadcasters have an alliterative saying – “Proper Pre-Planning Prevents Pretty Poor Performance”. That’s also true for preventing problems with your air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The process starts with ensuring the systems you use have been chosen to best match your precise needs, placed according to best practice laid down by the Scottish Government in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directives and installed professionally to the highest standards. Working with an experienced supplier independent of the unit manufacturers and fully qualified in all the specialist skills will ensure they can recommend and install the solutions best for you and your customers, not just what they can supply.


Preventative maintenance

The next important step to avoid costly and embarrassing failures is investing in planned preventative maintenance. This will make sure your units maintain their optimum performance.

The dividend from doing this is they will also then work more economically. Without proper professional maintenance, they lose 5% of their overall efficiency every year. In 10 years that’s half their ability to cool or heat your space.


Up to 25% saving & longer life

But with investment in a scheduled maintenance plan from a good professional servicing company systems operating at peak efficiency can cut your monthly energy costs by up to 25%.

There’s another bonus to proper maintenance – it effectively doubles the lifespan of the average heating and cooling system, so it means having to replace them less often – allowing you to use more of your capital expenditure budget on equipment which can directly contribute to your bottom line.

Most importantly, many of the health risks associated with poor air quality – such as respiratory ailments, sinus problems and particulate-related allergies like house dust – can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper system installation and maintenance.

So, like your car, if you give your air conditioning and refrigeration systems proper planning and regular TLC they’ll repay you in dependable service and lower bills for years to come.


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